Join Us on November 5th 2022!

Lake county Fairgrounds Eustis FL

 Exhibit Hall

 Event Hours 10am-5pm

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Cosplay, Panels,
Vendors & More

A Festival & Convention Truly out of this World

Sci-Fi Pop Fest, is more than just a convention or festival. It is a meeting place of geek culture. Our vendors and Artist has have distinctive items and art not found anywhere else. Each part of the convention has been expertly situated to give each attendee an otherworldly experience, whether its meeting Ghostbusters next to various styled ecto's or finding The Agent's Of Shield patrolling the con floor.  Or having the worlds greatest detective, Batman making sure no one in his rouges gallery disrupts the fun! We at Sci-fi pop fest want, YOU, the attendee to experience an event truly out of this world!

Want to be Part of Sci-Fi Pop Fest?

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First event was so Much Fun!!!

Year two going to be Lit

Gothman Underground


Sci-Fi Pop Fest Live Show
            Coming Soon

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